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 We have always provided our clients with a full breakdown of fees and expenses at the outset of a transaction. In order to comply with current requirements of The Solicitors Regulation Authority we provide comprehensive details of fees here also. 

Our fees for either a sale or purchase are usually £750 plus vat of £150 but may be less depending on circumstances - for instance for first time buyers. This fee is for all work in connection with a transaction including the work on behalf of a lender if you are obtaining a mortgage.

Please complete the below contact form including details of your sale/purchase price for a full quote

In sale transactions the Land Registry charge £3 for each official copy document and usually only 3 or 4 documents are needed. A funds transfer fee of £30 plus vat of £6 is payable for each transfer of funds by chaps transfer made on completion. An AML electronic check is £6 per person including vat.
In purchase transactions there are some additional expenses which
fall into 3 categories - Search Fees, Stamp Duty Land Tax and Land Registry Fees. The cost of searches depends upon the area in which you are purchasing. Local and Drainage search fees for the Arun area are currently just under £135 in total. Stamp Duty Land Tax depends on the price and other factors and you can find information using this Link. Land Registry fees are dependent upon the purchase price and information is available using this Link and in addition Land Registry charge £7 for official searches made prior to completion. A funds transfer fee of £30 plus vat is payable for a transfer of funds to the seller's solicitor on completion of the purchase. An AML electronic check is £6 per person including vat.

If you would like a complete summary of fees and expenses for any type of conveyancing the easiest way is to contact us - please email hi@lawtoyourdoor.co.uk
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Please follow this link for typical examples of fees in a variety of