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                                                      Helen and Ian Saul, Solicitors
  If you have the responsibility of Administering an Estate we can assist. We can
  take care of everything from the very early stages right through to completing
  the task of winding up the Estate. We are happy to come to you to give advice.
  The Solicitors Regulation Authority now require solicitors to publish details of 
  fees for the administration of an estate. For an estate which is not liable for
  payment of Inheritance Tax and with no more than four beneficiaries as from 
  6th December 2018 our fees are £2,500 plus vat but may be less depending on
  the size and composition of assets in the estate and some other aspects. We 
  shall be pleased to provide a guide as to our fees at our initial meeting.
  Alternatively if you only wish to have assistance with some aspects of dealing
  with the Estate we can help. For instance if you would like us to prepare the
  papers leading to an application for a Grant of Representation only we can deal
  with this aspect for you at a lesser fee. 
  If you would like us to assist please Email Object hi@lawtoyourdoor.co.uk                 
  or chat to us on 01243 268996 or 07450 497026