By law we are unable to proceed with your purchase without fully checking with you the origin of all money to be used in the transaction. This obligation is imposed on us to limit the potential for fraud and for money laundering. If the funds being used by you in your purchase are not coming from the sale of another property with which we are dealing then we will wish to know the source of funds and will require evidence of the same. The table below givens examples of sources of funds which we often encounter and gives guidance as to the sort of evidence which we will need to see.



Sale or re-mortgage  of another property which has already been completed

If we have not dealt with your sale/ re-mortgage we will need to see the Completion Statement prepared by the Solicitors / Conveyancer who dealt with this and the bank statement showing the receipt of the funds in your account on completion


Savings are typically are built up through regular payments from income such as a salary , pension. The best evidence would be bank statements for the last 6 months showing the balance in your account increasing and the receipt of regular payments from your employer/ pension or form an annuity.

Gift – e.g. from parents or grandparents

We will need to ask the person making the gift to confirm details of the gift being made and also to provide details of the source of the funds form which the gift is made and to provide proof of their identity and proof of their address


We will need to see a letter from the solicitors administering the estate of from the executors of no solicitors are involved confirming how much you are being paid as a beneficiary and also a copy of your bank statement showing the money being received form the solicitor/ executors’ bank account

Dividends from UK Company

A copy of the company’s accounts, the dividend certificate and your bank statement showing the money being received from the company

Compensation Award

A copy of the Court Order or a letter from your solicitor confirming your settlement and also a copy of the bank account shoeing the money being received from the solicitor/ Court

Release of Pension

A copy of your pension statement together with a copy of the bank account statement showing receipt of funds from the pension company

Sale of Shares

Copy of the Share Release Schedule and of your bank statement  showing the receipt of funds from the company