We will provide you further information regarding the optional searches which can be made in connection with your property purchase as your transaction progresses. We set out below an indication of the costs of the various searches which can be made on your behalf:

 Environmental Search Homecheck Report       


                   ( £42.50 Plus  £8.50 VAT)

                   Planning Search                                                 


                   ( £23.50 Plus £4.70 VAT)

                   Plan Search Plus Report                                     


                   (£31.00 Plus £6.20 VAT)

                  Home Check Professional Flooding Report      


                  (£30.00 Plus £6.00 VAT)

                  Ground Mining and Subsidence Report             


                  (£20.00 Plus £4.00 VAT)

                   Groundsure Energy Exploration Search             


                   (£20.00 Plus £4.00 VAT)

Many clients home buyers chose to purchase a search bundle as our search provider offers a small discount if certain searches are ordered at the same time. The most popular bundles are as follows:

Homecheck Pro Enviro + Plansearch                    


(£63.80 Plus £12.76 VAT)

Homecheck Pro Enviro + Plansearch   Plus         


(£69.80 Plus VAT £13.96

Homecheck Pro Enviro + Plansearch   Plus         


+ Mining and  Subsidence Report

(£80.80 Plus £16.16 VAT)